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About me

Life needs… some bread!

And all you need for bread is flour, water, sourdough and salt! And really good bread only needs a pinch of magic, and that is nothing but love and passion.

My story began in the somewhat turbulent and unusual 2020. In fact, I can “thank” my new passion and profession for the virus. To be sure, if I don’t have COVID, I won’t start growing sourdough. From the first moment, I loved working with the dough and the miracle of the bread being born. 

The confirmation that I was on the right track was the satisfaction of my friends when they gave me feedback on how delicious it is and they have never been so good that it can be so delicious, you have to open a bakery and they said something like that.

The icing on the cake was an award won at the Bread Soul Festival. That’s when my destiny was sealed, and about 7 months later I opened my little bakery. It was a brave move, but I was also brave when I became a confectioner from an economist.

In the workshop, I only make products made with sourdough, with a long maturation. Each product is usually completed in 30-48 hours. I make every single loaf of bread, cake or pastry from excellent ingredients, in the highest possible quality and with lots of love.

Happiness requires… some bread!